Remembering Daniel Zarabozo

Something about him

In 1935 he enters in the radio stations XEFO and XEWZ as a pianist and he publishes his first song.

In 1937 he registers at the Music National Conservatory and at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (National High School - Bachelor in Law and Social Sciences) and starts his studies as a pianist with Professor Ramón Serratos.

In 1938 he presents the first year of piano at competence title at the Music National Conservatory; he is congratulated and invited to participate in the regulatory auditions of the institution.

In 1939 he gives a piano recital at the Conference Hall of the Bellas Artes Palace, in the month of July.

In 1940, at the death of maestro Ignacio Montiel y López, solfeggio professor at the Music National Conservatory, he is authorized to be in charge of the first grade in the subject Solfeggio. He acts as pianist in the Conference Hall at the Bellas Artes Palace, playing his own compositions. In that same year, he acts as pianist with his own compositions at the Ceremony Hall in the Music National Conservatory.

In 1942 he substitutes Professor Félix Santana as Orchestra’s Director of the Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (Electricians Mexican Union).

In 1943 he obtains, in the month of April, the first prize in a composition contest at the Music National Conservatory.

In 1944 he enters the Orquesta Sinfónica de Jalapa (Jalapa’s Symphonic Orchestra) as percussionist. In that same year he leaves the orchestra and continues with his studies of composition and orchestration with Maestro Rodolfo Halffter and starts as arranger at the radio stations. His choral work "Cristo Líbranos" (Christ Save Us) is sung by the Chorus of the Cathedral San José de Gracia, under the conduction of Professor Fausto Andrés y Aguirre.

In 1946 he presents an exam for Orchestra Conductor to have better opportunities in the radio with this title.

At an early age he had already formed his own orchestra, for which he was arranger and conductor.

Since very young he was a member of the Sociedad de Autores y Compositores (Society of Authors and Composers).

He entered the radio at the age of 16 and in the 40’s he conducted his orchestra for several evening programs.

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