Remembering Daniel Zarabozo

Something about him

Summarized listing of part of his production and professional performance as Composer, Arranger and Orchestra Conductor from 1940 to 1971.

Popular romantic and fine songs, interpreted in Radio, TV and Concerts; recorded with Discos Víctor, Camden, Peerless, Muzart, Iberia, Orfeón, Compás.

Titles of the most well-known works: Plegaria (Prayer), Anhelo mío (My eagerness), Me acordaré de tí (I will remember you), Canción de Navidad (Christmas song), Nada ni nadie (Nothing and nobody), Yo te diré (I will tell you), Realidad (Reality), Si Vuelves (If you come back), Tú te vas (You are leaving), Anoche te soñé (Last night I dreamed of you), which were recently recorded by Marilú, with arrangements of Tito Enríquez.

In addition, the works: Viajero (Traveler), Acuérdate de Mí (Remember me), No digas más (Don’t say anything else), A tí (To you), Canción Intima (Intimate Song), Es para ti (It is for you), Serenata (Serenade), Castigo (Punishment), Resignación (Resignation) and Cómo Olvidarte (How to forget you), among others.

Among the famous interpreters of his work we find Lawrence Winters, Carlos Puig, Cristina Ortega, Ofelia Rosetti, María Cristina Puga, Olga Puig, Irma Schaffer, Gloria Garfias, Marilú, Amparo Montes, Jorge Fernández, Alfonso González, the duet Lupe and Raúl.

Places of performances: Auditorium of the Music National Conservatory (Moneda street), Conference Hall Manuel M. Ponce and Show Hall of the Bellas Artes Palace, "Bolívar" Balcony of the National High School, Israelite Club, Chopin Hall.

In addition, two arrangements of symphonic type of two Mexican songs (La Pajarera -The bird seller- and La Casita -The little house) for José Sabre Marroquín, three mini-concerts for two pianos and orchestra on three songs of Gonzalo Curiel; five feature films, three for Rodolfo Halffter, one for Elias Breeskin and one for Elvira Productions, several musical backgrounds for radio soap-operas for Colgate-Palmolive, thirty-five short films (animated cartoons) for the advertising agency R.K. Tompkins and Associates; twenty four radio concerts with selected music, performing as soloists Lawrence Winters and María Cristina Puga; eighty arrangements of songs for a radio series of the Grand Advertising; twenty-four radio concerts of Mexican, French and Spanish Popular Music Anthology, with special arrangements for the Salas Advertising agency and twelve radio concerts for the same agency; twenty-four radio concerts for Colgate-Palmolive, performing as soloist Irma Schaffer; twelve popular works of Gonzalo Curiel, Agustín Lara and Luis Alcaraz for soloist and string orchestra, recorded at RCA Víctor and Camden Records; arrangements and orchestra conduction of twelve Mexican popular works for the Chapultepec Typical Orchestra, recorded by Capitol Records in a LP acetate; four musical shows for Aloha Productions, affiliated to the ABC of the United States of America, with music of Leonard Bernstein and Henry Mancini; 350 Sunday popular auditions conducting a strings orchestra in parks and gardens of Mexico City, great part of the production of Mexican authors of the end of the last century and beginning of this century.

In the 50’s, his successful works are promoted in the specialized magazines like: the collection of songs "Sensación Cancionero", "Cancionero ROSS", "Cancionero Mejoral", Newsletter "Last News in Peerles Records"; as well as in the renowned magazine "El Músico" (The Musician).

In the conduction of the Typical Orchestra of Mexico City, he participates during the 80’s in innumerable auditions in parks and gardens and public theaters, as well as in countless concerts to welcome important visitors from other countries.

Through a Contest process to obtain the position, he is appointed Conductor of the Typical Orchestra of Mexico City.

This has been the first and only time in more than 110 years of life of this Orchestra, that the position of Conductor has been assigned through contest to the person deserving it due to his knowledge and own merits by means of a professional exam, because since the establishment of the Orchestra and its subsidy by the authorities of the D.D.F. (Mexico City’s government), the position of Conductor had been a politics related appointment.

The auditions of the Typical Orchestra of Mexico City in public places.

One of the performances at the Nezahualcoyotl Hall.

One of the performances at the Cibeles Fountain.

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